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Be in the present moment. Among its many benefits, regular Yoga practice helps to improve numerous aspects of your life. Free your mind and relax as you

let go of distracting thoughts, and unleash your minds' potential.

My classes are designed to increase your flexibility, build lung capacity, strength, stamina and you will sleep better too.

Through a series of flowing Yoga postures and breath, together we will practice finding balance, calm and equilibrium in both your mind and body.

We always finishing our sessions with a calming relaxation sequence. I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga for all levels and abilities. 

1 to 1 Yoga or Yoga in small groups with Amanda now available. Contact Amanda to book.

Read more about the many benefits of Yoga in my Yoga means UNITE 

Yoga Class
Yoga Class


Pilates builds a strong core at its foundation which we need to control our bodies posture and movement. 


My class are ideal for health seekers who want to get back into exercise after an injury or childbirth. All my Pilates classes are low impact and you can take them at your own pace.

Pilates is great for all round toning and restoring lost strength. I always structure a focused warm up, followed by precise toning and strengthening exercises and finish with a mobility targeted stretch. I teach Pilates to all levels and abilities. And aim to make Pilates accessible to all students.

1 to 1 Pilates or Pilates in small groups with Amanda now available. Contact Amanda to book.


Swedish massage is a gentle, relaxing and therapeutic massage to relieve tension in your muscles, sending fresh blood to tight areas of the body.

Massage can assist with pain relief, tension headaches and improve circulation.

Regular massage is such a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing. Swedish massage can help with reduction of muscle pain, tension headaches, a relaxing massage to assist with destressing and reduce anxiety.  

There are so many benefits to having a massage.

- Reducing stress and increasing relaxation

- Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension

- Improving energy, circulation and alertness

- Lowering heart rate and blood pressure

- Improving immune function

- Reduced Anxiety

A great way to learn to relax and ease away your body's aches and pains.

Contact Amanda to book 

Shoulder Massage


"Hi, I'm Amanda welcome to my site.

Movement and exercise have always been a part of my daily life. I trained as a dancer, yoga & Pilates teacher and I offer new offerings to all my classes mixed with fun.


Having retrained as a neuro muscular specialist, as well as further Yoga & Pilates training to increase my understanding of the human body and how it moves. I know how to modify all the exercises to make it appropriate for you. Mine is a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.

Before moving to Hampshire I worked for Google, Time Warner and AOL as their onsite Yoga & Pilates teacher, for over 3 years. As well as training clients privately at various gyms and yoga centers across London.

I also know the value of "me" time for mental and physical wellness. I am excited to share my evolving Yoga & Pilates knowledge and extensive teaching experience with you. You can book your class by going to the Classes page or contact me direct with any questions or private class bookings.

I teach Yoga & Pilates classes for all levels and abilities. Aimed to work the whole body leaving you feeling energised and relaxed. I love teaching beginners and adults of all ages and abilities including older adults. My classes are based at my studio space in East Worldham, Alton and Bordon, Hampshire and my online classes are available 24/7."



I am a Yoga Alliance 500 hour Yoga Teacher (2003) and CIMSPA Pilates Instructor qualified to level 3 Pilates with Future Fit Training UK  (2005). I hold an NVQ in Pilates Matwork and pre and post natal exercise. I am fully insured to teach Yoga, Pilates & Fitness with 20 years teaching experience under my belt.

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