Hello and welcome to my site!

I'm Amanda a mum of 2 and Yoga & Pilates teacher and Barre Fitness Instructor based in Bordon, Hampshire. Near the towns of Alton, Farnham and Petersfield. I am a Yoga Alliance Certified 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher. I hold an NVQ  in Nutrition & Weight Management and pre and post natal exercise. I am fully insured to teach Yoga, Pilates & Fitness.

Movement and exercise have always been a part of my daily life. I trained as a professional dancer and danced with several UK based dance companies. As a trained dancer I offer new choreography to  my classes,  providing plenty of variety and fun.  


Having retrained as a neuro muscular specialist, as well as an Yoga Alliance YTT 500 hour Yoga Teacher and Pilates Teacher, I know how to modify all the exercises to make it appropriate for you, as we are all unique! I offer a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.

Before moving to Hampshire I worked for Google, Time Warner and AOL as their on site Yoga & Pilates teacher, for over 3 years. As well as training clients privately at various gyms and yoga centers across London.

In my spare time I love going on family adventures with my husband and two gorgeous children, and know the value of ME time. I am excited to share my evolving Yoga & Pilates knowledge and extensive teaching experience with you. You can book your class by going to the Classes page of this site.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


Be in the present moment. Among its many benefits, regular Yoga practice helps to improve numerous aspects of your life. Free your mind and relax as you

let go of distracting thoughts, and unleash your minds' potential.

My classes are designed to increase your flexibility, build lung capacity, strength, stamina and you will sleep better too.

Through a series of flowing Yoga postures and breath, together we will practice finding balance, calm and equilibrium in both your mind and body.

We always finishing our sessions with a calming relaxation sequence. I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga for all levels and abilities. 1 to 1 and group classes available.

Read more about the many benefits of Yoga in my Blog.


Pilates builds a strong core at its foundation which we need to control our bodies posture and movement. 


My class are ideal for health seekers who want to get back into exercise after an injury or childbirth. All my Pilates classes are low impact and you can take them at your own pace.

Pilates is great for all round toning and restoring lost strength. I always structure a focused warm up, followed by precise toning and strengthening exercises and finish with a mobility targeted stretch. I teach Pilates to all levels and abilities. And aim to make Pilates accessible to all students.

1 to 1 and group classes available.

Pilates Practice at the Studio


Want a high intensity NO IMPACT workout that can be done at any age and any fitness level?


A dance workout you can do at home or with others in a class?

Want to tone up and stretch in a safe instructor led class to music that inspires you and makes you want to dance?

Then Barre Fitness class is for you. I absoloutly love teaching Barre Fitness classes and so happy I became a qualified instructor last year.

Join me in person and online and let's get fit and have fun while we do it.


Want to be healthy at any age? Get fit with diet and exercise?​

Need some inspiration? Not sure where to start?

After having two children I was overweight, asthmatic and struggling with my health. Now 59lbs lighter, minus body fat and plus more lean muscle I teach 8-10 fitness classes a week, see private clients and am a Exercise and Nutrition and Weight Management Coach. Helping people with advice and exercise.


If you would like some advice I am a qualified Carnivore Coach and Nutrition & Weight Management certified and I would love to help you in your journey to better health.

Whatever your health and wellbeing goal is, whether it is decreasing body fat, weight management, joint health, faster recovery from injury or increased health and longevity. I can help get you there.

Start achieving incredible life changing results for your self. Contact Amanda for a Nutritional and Weight Management consultation.

Exercise and Healthy Diet