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Each Month

1 week FREE unlimited classes

Weekly Classes  Added
Instruction Video Library
Beginners & Intermediate Courses


Website Based Video On Demand.

Convenient - weekly beginner / intermediate exercise classes.

Beginners - website library of instructional videos.

Variety - full length Yoga & Pilates classes updated weekly.

Yoga & Pilates Challenges.

Convenient - 20 minutes a day Yoga & Pilates routines.

Progressive - beginner and intermediate programmes.

Access - from all smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Quality - HD video & Audio plus professional lighting.

Monthly Plan - start & cancel at any anytime.

Interactive & VOD



Each Month

1 week FREE unlimited classes

Live Interactive Classes Via Zoom.
Full On-Demand Access.


Live Interactive Yoga & Pilates Classes new classes added weekly.

Safe - weekly live interactive Yoga Pilates classes via Zoom.

Accountable - meet with Amanda each week for your classes.

Membership - manage your own bookings.

Guaranteed - live classes 44 weeks per year.

Access - live classes.

Convenient - web based video on demand classes included.

Catch Up Anytime - all classes recorded & available 24/7.

On The Go - 20 minute classes 24/7.

Monthly Plan - start  & cancel



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