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I provide live interactive classes and on demand services via the internet. As well as socially distanced Yoga & Pilates classes in person, for HEALTH SEEKERS who what to GET BACK TO WELLNESS. 

As a HEALTH SEEKER myself, I understand that you value safe educational exercise as a key part of your life journey and that is why all my classes focus on POSTURE, MOBILITY, STRENGTH AND BREATH.

Before setting up Yoga & Pilates Live and moving to the countryside to become a mum of two. I run a successful corporate Yoga & Pilates company for major businesses including Google, AOL, Time Warner and for several health clubs across London.

I started my formal fitness education in 2003 and combined that with my ballet dance background to help many HEALTH SEEKERS over the years. I have focused and developed my exercise education in Yoga and Pilates because these disciplines lend them self perfectly to a wellness first approach. 

I am fully certified and insured to teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga and a variety of Pilates Matwork. As a member of the register of exercise professionals and Yoga Alliance I am held accountable to keep my education current.

I have also studied anatomy, bio mechanics and Muscle Activation Techniques and regularly drawn of these training's to make sure my classes are safe and effective.

Yoga Class


Be in the present moment. Among its many benefits, regular Yoga practice helps to improve numerous aspects of your life. Free your mind and relax as you let go of distracting thoughts, and unlease your minds potential.

My classes are designed to increase your flexibility, build lung capacity, strength, stamina and you will sleep better too.

Through a series of flowing Yoga postures and breath, together we will practice finding balance, calm and equilibrium in both your mind and body.

We always finishing our sessions with a calming relaxation sequence.



Pilates builds a strong core at its foundation which we need to control our bodies posture and movement. 


My class are ideal for health seekers who want to get back into exercise after an injury or childbirth.

All classes are low impact and you can take them at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Pilates is great for all round toning and restoring lost strength. I always structure a focused warm up, followed by precise toning and strengthening exercises and finish with a mobility targeted stretch.

Yoga Class



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