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Updated: Mar 11

To all my Mum & Dad friends,

I know the past few months have been tough, juggling parenthood and work.

Never before have we been asked to do so much for others. With little or no time left for ourselves.

Well done on your efforts.

I wanted to give you a little something to help your mind and body feel better. And keep you sane during this time.

So I have uploaded a

- Free Yoga class to my site. It’s at the top of my home page.

You can’t miss it here’s the link

The class includes : Yoga breathing or pranayama, Yoga postures or Asanas finished with a guided meditation relaxation to help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, relax and sleep better.

Please feel free to enjoy the class at home in your own time as a thank you. And please feel free to share with any of your friends & family far and near who may need 20 minutes of self care.

Mum’s and Dad’s thank you for helping your children so much. I can speak from experience as a mum of 2 small children running my own business from home. It has been a very challenging time for so many of us. Now is the time to pat ourselves on the back and be glad we still have our sanity and our families in tact.

Big hugs, love and appreciation to all my website members who have supported me and my small business through the past year of Covid and lockdowns. I am immensely grateful and I hope I have managed to help you in some small way through this Unpresidented time.

Stay safe and well health seekers.

Remember to take some time out for you today even if it’s to remind yourself to stop and breathe. 4 counts in 4 counts out.

Namaste 🙏🏻 Peace.


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