Get 7 Days Free Yoga & Pilates Classes

When you sign up for one of my online Yoga & Pilates courses from as little as £24.99 you get 7 whole days FREE. So you can make the most of your summer and exercise safely and effectively from home. Or Anywhere you can take your smartphone.

Did you know you also get a free Yoga & Pilates Live App included? Yes you absolutely can!

And this will be available very soon included with your membership package. It's a combination of 24 Yoga & Pilates mini classes of between 15-20 minutes long. Which you can access via an App on your smartphone.

The classes take you from a complete beginner to an intermediate. And you can mix and match exercise modalities to not only enjoy improved core strength but flexibility and balance too.

So how do I get this amazing offer?

Go to Yoga & Pilates Live website and join up today. By just following the link below

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