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Updated: Nov 30, 2020


Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? Like many teachers and trainers I have had time to dig deep and think about my version of teaching safely during Lockdown 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. #lockdown #COVID19

Like many of you I want to stay safe especially as I suffer from Asthma myself, and could be at higher risk should I contract COVID. Like you have loved ones I want to protect BUT I do still want to go on teaching and supporting you.

As most of you who know me will already know I live by the motto to ‘do no harm’ to my clients. And your well-being is always at the centre of my teaching ethos. And you may also know I started teaching Yoga & Pilates long before it was Uber Trendy and I plan to continue dispute fashion trends.

With all this in mind I have thought long and hard about the road going forward for me and my teaching business. And I have decided to continue my classes online both live and interactive over zoom. And my On Demand Service which you can access anytime, anywhere you have internet connection.

I have requests to add some shorter classes. So have created an app with a 20 minutes a day Yoga & Pilates challenge. Which is in the process of being added to Apple and Google Play. So you can join me from your smartphone also.

All the information is on my website in the link above.

And best of all you don’t have to wear a face mask or worry about social distancing. Or catching the COVID-19 virus. And no worries about finding a parking space too.

This is essentially a brand new business for me as my in person class business was destroyed by Lockdown and the threat of catching Covid-19.

Please join me online. It’s the same class structure and gradual progressions you are used to in person in my online classes.

It’s much cheaper than in person classes and super easy to set up and use. And many people are gaining fantastic mental relaxation and physical gains from my online programmes.

Please like and share this post to raise awareness of what I am doing. 🙏🏻

Why not give one of my online Yoga or Pilates classes go if you haven't already. As in person classes will not happen going forward as the BOSC and The Kingsley Centre, where I historically held my classes, will no longer hold group exercise classes on their premises. In response to the new social distancing rules and regulations.

Stay safe everyone.

Amanda 🧘‍♀️

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