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Savasana - When Less Is more

Corpse Pose - When Less is More

Here’s a 2 minute read on why relaxation is so important and why you should practice Savasana or Corpse pose at the end of every Yoga session.

Benefits of Savasana

Though it's sometimes used to begin practice, Savasana is most often used to end practice to allow your body, mind, and spirit to fully relax and release tension. It's a time to let lingering thoughts and worries fade away. From the depth and darkness of Savasana, you can be rejuvenated, refreshed, and reborn.

The deeply relaxing aspect of Savasana is known to be therapeutic for stress. When you're under stress, your sympathetic nervous system produces a “fight or flight” response that can over-stimulate your mind and body, causing anxiety, fatigue, depression, and disease. Conversely, practicing Savasana stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system — known as the “rest and digest” response. Relaxing the physical body in Savasana has numerous benefits, including:

Lowered blood pressure

A decreased heart rate

Slowed rate of respiration

Decreased muscle tension

Decreased metabolic rate

The physical response can further result in:

Reduced occurrence of headaches

Relief from fatigue and insomnia

Reduced nervous tension

Relief from anxiety and panic attacks

Increased overall energy levels

Increased productivity

Improved concentration and memory

Clear-headedness and a sense of focus

Heightened self-confidence

In addition to the mind-body benefits, Savasana is also a time during your practice when you can connect with your peaceful, innermost self, become aware of this connection, you are truly practicing yoga.

Great work in Pilates and Yoga class last night. In Person classes are a blast and so great to see you all each week.

My online classes continue on Monday and Wednesdays evenings are are still going strong if you’re keen to exercise from home with me.

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