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Updated: Jan 4

For me 🧘‍♀️ the New Year is about becoming more healthy and fit for myself, my family and my clients. After a 2.5 stone weight loss last year I have put on a few Christmas pounds. But who hasn’t right? So hard to say no to mince pies 🥧. I am back to healthy eating this week too.

Proper Nutrition & Exercise & Positive Thinking really are the key to your good health.

I can’t wait to get back to teaching you all next week. I have been busy class planning and got some killer glute and mid section workouts for you in Pilates and spine mobilising and strengthening sequences in Yoga class. As always take the class at your own pace.

We will be working on a 6 week programme with all classes over the next half term. Progressing each and every week!

So it goes without saying you will gain more strength and flexibility with regular weekly attendance.

Classes are for all levels and beginners are welcome.

Here’s some of the benefits of regular Yoga & Pilates practice

- even a small amount a day improves your flexibility, mobility and strength

- improved cardiovascular fitness 🏃🏽‍♀️

- improved lung 🫁 capacity

- improved cognitive function

- improved concentration

- improved muscle function

- improved sense of well-being after all exercise releases endorphins in your body when you exercise which makes you feel so good!

- improved Co-ordination and balance

- improved flexibility

- improved mind-body connection and somatic movement


- start with 30 minutes a day and work up to 60 minutes sessions

- progression is the key to avoiding injuries. So start with beginner exercises and work up to the intermediate exercises or asanas if you have had a few weeks off.

- work with an experienced and qualified teacher

- find a class that is local so you can fit it in with your schedule and STICK TO IT!

There is an abundance of studies and research out there about how your diet can affect your mood, gut health and mental health. So worth looking into how you can make some positive changes to your mind and body by improving your diet and staying active. Get in touch if you would like a consult or book a Yoga or Pilates course with me. I am online as well as In person.

Have a great day everyone.

Stay well, Stay positive and stay fit!



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