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Why Train With Me?

In case you were wondering what is my story here's a little about me and my background in dance and fitness.

I trained as a professional dancer at one of London’s top dance schools. I danced with UK ballet companies London Festival Ballet and London City Ballet. As a trained dancer I offer new choreography and fun to my Yoga, Pilates & Barre Fitness classes. Which offer you plenty of variety! Having retrained as a neuro muscular specialist, I know how to modify all the exercises to make it appropriate for you! So in my live stream classes you will received individual attention and modifications just like a real In Person class. It’s not one size fit’s all. We are all unique! I have acted in film and TV presenting I know how to communicate instructions to you clearly. And now as a mum of two I know how important YOU TIME is. Movement and exercise have always been a part of my daily life. "Do what you love and you will thrive" - AF Is my philosophy to a happy and healthy life. I hope one day to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest Yoga & Pilates teacher.

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