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Yoga means UNITE

Yoga means ‘Unite’ Mind, Body, Spirit & Community Blog Written by Amanda Frost Becoming a parent has been a huge life changing event for me. And I know for many new mums and dads it is a time of great change. A time which can be phenomenally rewarding and demanding which often doesn’t leave much spare time for yourself. Like many new mums and dads I threw myself into motherhood and raising my two young children. I was drained and often overwhelmed and stressed out. Unable to cope with the demands of motherhood. Without making that all important step to take time for myself. To take time for me and to connect with other like minded people who loves to do Yoga and Pilates. Connect with the community. I was overweight and overwhelmed! After moving to a rural area and struggling to make friends and find a class I could fit in around my children. Previously I taught Yoga & Pilates on-site in various blue chip companies in central London. I decided to start my own Yoga class in a small studio in the village community center. One morning a week. At least if no one turned up I’d get a nice long undisturbed Yoga practice in. Right? Win win. My purpose was to re connect with my practice and myself. And re connect with the community. A year later my classes are successful and well attended. My mind and body is flourishing. And I have lost my baby weight and shape. And guess what? My family is flourishing too because they say I am more patient and kind when I am not practicing and teaching Yoga. Yoga has quite literally re United me with myself. And united me with my community. And in some small way I feel like my classes Unite mums and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers in my local community. In my opinion everyone needs a little Yoga & Pilates in their life. It’s proven exercise makes you happy! So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend you have been meaning to catch up with. Or come along and make some new friends and start your Yoga & Pilates journey today. My classes are suitable for all ages, abilities, gender and fitness. Find a local class in your area with a teacher you like and change your life for the better.

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