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Yoga Pilates Studio Etiquette - Top Ten Tips to getting the most from your class

Wear appropriate clothing - no need to wear designer clothes you don't need to impress anyone. Just wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.

Bring your own mat - if you have your own mat it's always best to bring it along. For sanitary reasons especially during the cold and flu season. Also bring a small towel and bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Wipe down the equipment - if you are using the studio's or teachers equipment make sure you wipe it down after use. Bring a small towel along and wipe down your mat sand equipment at the end of the class.Your teacher and fellow students will thank you for your consideration especially if they are using it straight after you.

Do not tread on others mats - this goes without saying but it does happen. And it disturbs the energy of the persons mat. Please treat others mats with respect.

Get there early - especially if it's your first class. It will make you feel more at ease if you have a chance to speak to your instructor before the class starts. Be sure to tell him or her of any injuries of health conditions you have which might affect you in the class.

Check your ego and judgement before you enter the room - do not forget the final purpose of being in a yoga class. it's not time for a catch up with your friends. You can do this after the class.

Listen carefully - the most important thing is just to show up. To fully participate in the class you need to pay attention, listen to your teachers and concentrate.

Be respectful - respect for everyone in the room including yourself will help you get the most out of your class.

It's all about you - the one thing you should never do is compare yourself to others in the class. We are all on our own health and fitness journey. It's not a competition just work with what your body presents to you on the day.

Clean up - we have already mentioned wiping down any equipment you use. But it's polite to stack up any mats, blocks or equipment in a neat pile before you leave the class.

And finally - enjoy your practice and have fun! Welcome to your new community.

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