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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hello Health Seekers,

Today I am feeling GRATEFUL 🧘‍♀️ a very Yogic principle on how to attain happiness. Here’s why...

My App is now published in the Apple App Store on Friday and now has 25 paying members. And I am getting excellent feedback like “easy to use” “great idea” etc.

Like many of you, my in person fitness business came to a halt in March - I am a full time Yoga & Pilates Teacher - with Lockdown closed my business down.

Since then I have managed to successfully go fully online with online classes and now the App. I have had some media stories written about me and been featured in a cool Yoga Blog.

But mainly I am just putting social posts out there about what I am doing. And picking up the phone and speaking with people about what I do and how easy and effective it is to train with me online and with the App.

And listening to their stories about how lockdown has affected them and their exercise regimens. Now the nights are drawing in here in the northern hemisphere people are looking for indoor exercise options.

I feel having a published App takes my small local Yoga & Pilates business to the next level. And gives me access to clients I never would have otherwise.

I am a total convert to online training now. I absolutely love working from home and saving £££s a month on rent. And I continue online permanently now.

Sadly the venue I was hiring for my in person classes has now closed down. And there aren’t many suitable venues in rural Hampshire esp with all the U.K. government restrictions on indoor exercise classes. So going online with my business and creating my passion App was a very wise move in keeping my business a float, when sadly many similar exercise & fitness businesses are closing.

It was well worth the investment in my business and I can’t wait to celebrate when I see my App published in the Google Play Store soon.

So taking some time out to feel grateful for all the help and support my family and clients have given me. During these strange of times.

No matter what your health and fitness goals you can achieve them. And I am happy to help. Get in touch.

Sending love 💕 and light out to you all.

Amanda Frost

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Yoga & Pilates Live


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