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The images below were taken during Amanda's Yoga & Pilates classes. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Meet your class mates & find out what my they have to say about my Yoga & Pilates classes and 1 on 1 private lessons - and get inspired by their success stories. And Top Tips on how to get the most out of your Yoga & Pilates classes with me.

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Maria is a local hair stylist and a Pilates student in her spare time. You can book an appointment with Maria on Facebook.


"I’m a 57 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 2. I’ve been a freelance hairdresser for over 30 years which I love. Originally from Haslemere but have lived in Bordon for 36 years.

I used to exercise a lot but things got in the way and I became lazy, so had a light bulb moment and decided I needed to get fitter as I’m knocking on a bit."


"Pilates has made me feel physically stronger but more importantly it has helped my mental health.  I have been doing Pilates for around 3 /4 years now,  I try do do some Pilates most days, probably only 10 minutes but every bit helps.  Regular attendance has helped in my overall strength and fitness."


"I love the fact that in our particular class we can laugh. We always take it seriously, but are often giggling at some Amandaisms!!!

 The on demand classes have been a life saver in the pandemic. I made sure I did it every week.

I recommend Amanda’s classes to everyone, we all need them! "


Georgina is a dedicated follower of health and fitness and busy working mum. Here's how she manages to achieve a strong core whilst juggling a full time job.

"Prior to lockdown 1 I attended a few of Amanda’s in person classes so I knew she was a great instructor. Once lockdown happened I signed up for the interactive classes and if I miss a class through work then I will use the ‘On Demand’ feature which is really handy. I am hoping to get back to her in person classes in September.
I suffer with a bad lower back caused through diastasis recti (after the children). I like to run and do sports and the  Pilates is great for my core strength and keeps me moving."

"During the lockdown when I was working from home I was able to log in to 2 or sometimes 3 classes a week. My strength improved quickly and I also noticed a change in my body shape; I could see some definition in my upper abdominals which hasn’t been there for some years. These classes also enable me to stay strong for the other sports I enjoy without having to worry about my back due a weak core."

"I have done Pilates since my second child was born 10 years ago and Amanda is definitely one of the best instructors I have had. I would and already have recommended her."


Carol Shepherd has been attending my Pilates classes for over 3 years. She continued her Pilates practice with me online over the past 18 months and now again in person. 


"About three years ago a friend said she had started Pilates in Kingsley Hall and I was just getting to that age when I should be looking after myself a bit better and as I love gardening wanted to make sure I stayed flexible for all that digging and thought Pilates would help.  And it did!!"

"I've really noticed my core strength improve and am able to lift heavy feedbags for chickens and donkeys and digging without hurting my back now.  Pilates has definitely helped and I always feel pleased with myself after every class.

I wish I had started years ago!   Anyway it's never too late to start pilates and I felt the benefits of it in a very short time.  As I get older I really want to maintain my flexibility and balance both of which pilates helps."

Well done Carol for all your hard work and continued commitment to your wellness and health. Keep up the good work. 

Catherine Short Mem of Month_edited_edited.jpg

Catherine works at a busy nursery and manages to achieve a strong core, whilst remaining relaxed and calm at work. And has recently become a Yoga fan attending weekly Yoga as well as Pilates classes with me.

"I am definitely more flexible and my core strength has improved. I always feel great after a class and less stressed.

It’s been great being able to continue to do classes throughout lockdowns.  Amanda still gives you individual attention during the online classes . It also gave the opportunity to try yoga as well.

I think attending regularly has helped keep me fit and flexibility.
The on demand classes can be done whenever you have time.

Pilates and yoga are great classes to take whatever your age. Not just for your fitness but for your well being too. Always feel great and relaxed after a class."


Thank you Catherine and keep up the great work.

Mark H mem of month photo.jpg

Mark has been attending my Yoga classes online with me over the Lockdowns of the past 18 months. And now attends my Yoga classes in person too.


"I started by attending a course of 4 Yoga lessons at the end of the course I knew I had to keep trying, knowing already that I had started to stand up tall and straight, more than I have before. 

During 2020-2021 I had time on my hands, that I put to use doing regular interactive classes and on-demand sessions to fill the time. 

The benefits from meditations, breathing and focusing on the present became noticeable in my outlook to everyday life. "


"At the start I thought I had lost my ability to balance on one leg, which I found difficult while doing some of the posses… Over time I became aware my balance has considerably improved and I am so grateful for this."

"Amanda's Yoga Class has improved my life and mental health far beyond what I thought I needed. Amanda's instruction through her in person and online classes has been key to this. 

I am so grateful I have found Amanda's Yoga classes at a time when they were needed most."

Well done Mark it is great to see and hear about how much my Yoga classes have helped you. Keep up all the great work.


James has been attending my Yoga classes for over 3 years. He has continued his Yoga practice with my yoga classes online with me over the Lockdowns of the past 18 months. And has also taken up Pilates classes with me every week to help strengthen his core and back.

Well done James for all your hard work and continued commitment to your wellness and health. Keep up the good work. Here you are after a Yoga class at the Kingsley Centre back in 2019 - far left - looking glowing and happy!