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Yoga Stretch

Welcome to
Yoga & Pilates Hampshire 
with Amanda Frost

"Lovely classes, really nice vibe so you can relax and work to your ability."

Ruth, Hampshire

We're Back!

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Meditation by the Beach

Amanda Frost
Yoga & Pilates Instructor


Movement and exercise have always been a part of my daily life.

I trained as a dancer and danced professionally before training

as a Yoga & Pilates Instructor. I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities.

My Yoga and Pilates classes are based in and around the villages of Bordon and Alton, Hampshire.

I have worked for Google, Time Warner and AOL as their onsite Yoga & Pilates teacher, for many years before becoming a mum and moving to Hampshire. As well as training clients 1 to 1 at Yoga & Pilates studios across London.


I'm a mum of two, who enjoys being outdoors walking, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. As well as my life long love of movement and exercise. I am a fully qualified Yoga and Pilates Instructor certified with Yoga Alliance


Yoga is an ancient practice born in India to bring balance to your mind and body. Yoga will help improve all aspects of your life and not only build your strength and flexibility but also teach you to breathe more freely and develop a more calm and balanced approach to life.


I teach Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. My yoga classes are great for beginners, with Yoga asanas or poses linked together in a flowing Vinyasa style, to keep you moving and get your blood flowing.


With regular practice you will feel the many benefits of Yoga including, better muscle tone, improved flexibility and balance, improved sleep and overall sense of wellbeing. And better mental and physical health.

​Designed so you leave your yoga class feeling relaxed, recharged and happy.

1 to 1 Pilates or Yoga and Pilates & Yoga in small groups with Amanda. 


Pilates builds a strong core at its foundation which we need to control our bodies posture and movement.  My class are ideal for health seekers who want to get back into exercise after an injury or childbirth.

All my Pilates classes are low impact and you can take them at your own pace. Pilates is great for all round toning and restoring lost strength. I always structure a focused warm up, followed by precise toning and strengthening exercises and finish with a mobility targeted stretch.


I teach Pilates to all levels and abilities. And I aim to make Pilates accessible to all students.​

Please Read Our ​Cancellation Policy before making a booking.

Class Timetable

Tuesday 6pm Beginners Pilates   

Tuesday 7pm Pilates Mixed Ability   

Tuesday 8pm Hatha Yoga 

Wednesday 7pm Pilates mixed ability   

Thursday 9.15am Gentle Yoga   

Friday 9.15am Pilates mixed ability 

Yoga Class

Book Your Yoga & Pilates Class


Booking is half termly or per course only via the booking system above. We do not offer drop in classes. All bookings are for that course only and are non transferable another course or term. Once a course has been booked we cannot offer refunds. Your booking is for the course only and cannot be transferred to another course, class, different day, time or venue. All classes are booked on a first come first serve basis.

We will issue refunds back to your card if a class is cancelled or does not run. Or if a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of spaces is not filled usually minimum of 4 clients is needed.


- Your Yoga or exercise mat - For Yoga 2 x yoga blocks  - For Pilates a small soft 23cm Pilates ball.​


All class participants are required to fill out a short Health Form Here before attending your first class with us. It is essential you make us aware of any injuries or medical conditions you have currently. All your details will be kept confidential.

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